Sorry I Shook You

"Sorry I Shook You" is a song I wrote back in 2005. I was working a 24hr coffee shop/art gallery called "The Grind Gallery." The art was occasionally good. The coffee was passable at 4 AM.

Being open 24 hours along a major bus route to a university, it attracted a niche clientele. People hung out there and studied all night. Cramming for exams. There were other regulars too. Security guards, night people, early risers, and magic healers. A man who believed he had discovered a new dinosaur bone but was snubbed by academia.

I got off at 8 AM. Everyone else's day was getting started. When I made good tips I would stop and get breakfast. Eating and reading until I felt satiated. My exhaustion would eventually creep in and I'd go home and sleep.

That is the inspiration for the first sound you hear in the song. It wasn't deliberate or a literal transformation of inspiration, it just happened.

On to the song...

"Sorry I Shook You" defies classification in a genre. Folktronica electro-punk? Breakcore? I was going through a phase of raw creative expression. I wanted to make explosive sound and that would ring out sound systems.

Sunny Leads

Nothing makes a melody kick like a leap up to the sixth.

The opening melody/pad line from Sorry I Shook You.

The opening melody/pad line from Sorry I Shook You.

This line repeats and repeats until I add a huge PMW synth lead over it. I love how sunny it sounds and feels. I was only able to play this in a live show a few times but people love it.

That PWM Line

I'm not exactly sure where this lead starts, so I'd like to think you can start it anywhere. It doesn't matter. I love the angles of the melody as it descends to move in on the 2nd of the scale.

Big PMW synth line from Sorry I Shook You. It loops and can start anywhere. 

Big PMW synth line from Sorry I Shook You. It loops and can start anywhere. 

Retrospective Analysis

A criticism I received at the time was that the music didn't hang together as a cohesive whole. I think that is a fair assessment. There are two melodies, each doing their own thing. One melody stands in for harmony because the sound is so fat and juicy.

The structure of the song itself isn't very creative. It gets louder and louder and louder until it doesn't. Typical of me. Riding a bike downhill, wanting to go faster and faster until you can't anymore.

It is important to express yourself freely. Despite its structural shortcomings I still like this song. It has a heart.

Here is the original track (you might want to turn your speakers down a little)

Sorry I Shook You - Winnie The Shit

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