Allergy Invaders

Allergy Invaders is a game where you played a histamine entering the human body. Each level is a mission to infiltrate the human body with the goal of and causing an allergic reaction. The goal of the game is to teach kids about allergies by playing the role of the allergen.


This project was quite small and there wasn't a lot of time for music production. In out initial brain storm music from Sega Genesis came up. I ran with that to create these FM Synthesized drums and drones.

Alien Landscapes... at home


On screen there are a bunch of weird microscopic particles floating around. So I felt the bazaar tones of the Genesis would play nicely with the alien landscape.

Infectious Beat


For the song that plays over the comic we kept the alien vibe of the title sequence. It builds on the title sequence sounds, but adds a whole other level of drama.

The comic panel is when the player recieves their mission. It's about breaking in! It's heist planning music.

I wanted to keep it simple and then in the second part of the song deliver. I put the catch melody in the second part of the song to reward readers.